Upcoming events at a glance

December 4

Miss Etzalli Perez's Birthday

December 7

Miss Jennifer Davidson's Birthday

December 19&20

Classroom Christmas Parties

See your child's teacher for all the details

December 20

HTP's Annual Christmas program 6:30-7:30

This program includes the entire school. Please bring your child to his/her classroom no later then 6:00 pmThe church  doors will opened at 6:00 pm. Saving seats prior to this time will not be permitted.  We will be asking for all families to bring one dozen cookies for our refreshment table.  Please drop them off to the school office by the morning of December 20.

December 23-January 2


December 24

Miss Christian Villareal's Birthday

December 25

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our HTP families and friends!

January 2020


Happy New Year and Welcome Back HTP families!

Want to see some more of our activities?

Throughout the course of the year, we provide many fun and educational activities right here on campus. The purpose of these activities not only enhances the areas of study given each week but it also keeps the process of learning enjoyable and fun.