Upcoming events at a glance

August 19-23

Hawaiian Week

Aloha! This is our last week of summer camp! It's been super fun!

August 26-30

School Closed

August 30

Meet the Teacher Day from 9am-11pm

This is a special time set aside for you and your child to get to know their teacher for the upcoming school year.   

The teachers will be getting their classrooms ready, but would love to meet you and your child!


Sept 2

Labor day/ School closed

Happy Labor Day! Have a fun and safe holiday!

Sept 3

First day of the 2019/20 school year

Welcome to all our HTP families!

September 6

Bounce House

Let's bounce into the new school year!

Each class will enjoy their own special time of fun & laughter!

September 8

Miss Aleah Warner's Birthday

September 18

Mrs. Lori Shaw's Birthday

September 19

Miss Rosa Hidalgo's Birthday

September 26

Puppy Party

The children will have a fun time holding and playing with our little puppy friends.  

September 27


Wear your school shirt and show your school SPIRIT!







Want to see some more of our activities?

Throughout the course of the year, we provide many fun and educational activities right here on campus. The purpose of these activities not only enhances the areas of study given each week but it also keeps the process of learning enjoyable and fun.